trader joe’s is coming to utah

I’ve been waiting for this day for years. I’ve known it’s been coming for a while now… there is a Facebook group that would keep updates of the store opening as well as a blog I’ve been following… we’ve all just been pining for the announcement and official location. Yeah… can you tell I’m a little obsessed about this? If you don’t know what Trader Joe’s is then you certainly will in the next few months. This new location will be crazy!!!! All the crazy Trader Joe’s fanatics, like me, will ransack the place. We just can’t help ourselves… especially as we are used to stocking up like this on our Trader Joe’s runs to Vegas or California…

You must hoard Trader Joe’s items when there isn’t one near you. You really just don’t have a choice. My favorite products include their 100 calorie chocolate bars… they have them in dark chocolate too… definite a guilty pleasure. Ps. If you love TJ’s chocolate covered sunflower seeds as much as I do… then buy some sunflower seed butter and spread it over one of these chocolate bars… you’ll die and go to heaven.

I also LOVE these plantain chips… highly addictive… more delicious than any potato chip out there. I can’t be trusted with a bag to myself. I have to portion them out into servings they’re so delicious.

And to say that I like TJ’s big & chunky applesauce would be a severe understatement.

If you like chunky applesauce you aint going to find a better brand. It has full apple slices in it. Ah, so divine. I tend to get territorial over this stuff… I guess I should have had that lesson on sharing.

The new Trader Joe’s will be located at  634 E. 400 S. in Salt Lake City, right by Trolley Square and is set to open in the fourth quarter of 2012. You can expect to see me the night before the grand opening waiting in line outside the doors.


One thought on “trader joe’s is coming to utah

  1. i am shocked to say that i’ve never had that chunky applesauce! i’ll get right on that. when i heard the news a few months ago i was almost upset; that they went through with it right when i leave! but then my happiness came through when i thought of my dearly beloved tj companions like yourself.

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