I just discovered One Direction

Ok… obviously I’ve heard of One Direction before… I didn’t “just” discover them. I saw them perform on the Today Show a few months back and have heard a few of their songs on the radio, but I never paid them much attention. I’ve been on YouTube way too much lately and watched a video where someone started talking about One Direction and how much they loved them. I realized I didn’t even know a single one of their names or what they even looked like. Apparently they’re like kind of a big deal or something. I figured if there was a time I could get away with this post it was now… the London Olympics are approaching and this group is so quintessentially British, man capris and all.  Anyways… I did some research and here is what I have resolved.

Harry Styles: the one with the crazy hair. wins the best voice & best lips awardNiall Horan: the blonde & Irish one. most difficult name award… pronounced nileZayn Malik: the ethnic looking one. I don’t know what award he winsLiam Payne: wins the Andrew Garfield twin award… and somehow I get the impression that he’s the one the group likes leastLouis Tomlinson: wins the pretty & funny award. seriously the “prettiest” boy I’ve ever seen

So, mainly only two guys really sing in this group: Liam & Harry. Louis hardly sings at all… it’s almost like they don’t want him to. Which is why I solely believe he made it into the band for his prettiness. The Irish one and the ethnic one seem like their lucky to get their one little short chorus in each song. But, I’ve got to admit, I can’t help but fall on the boy band wagon again. It takes me back to the good ole boy band days of yesteryear… which was like two years ago with the Jonas Brothers. When am I going to grow up? Someone… please tell me.

My research was pretty much based off one of their music videos, so if you have any doubts about my conclusions… watch this vid… I guarantee you a good time


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