a smoothie & a trip to the zoo

I have a recipe to share today! Its one that I’ve been absolutely loving lately & I can almost guarantee that you’ll love it too!

Thats right. A green avocado, date, & banana smoothie. It tastes like ice cream for breakfast…without the guilty after taste. Ingredients: 1/2 c almond milk, 1/4 avocado, 1 pitted medjool date, 1/2 frozen banana, & a lot of spinachPut it all in the blender… and kerchow! One single serving smoothie coming right up. There will be some tiny chunks of the date left over, but don’t worry about it. They still happen even if I cut the date up into tiny pieces before putting it in the blender. But the result of this smoothie is so thick and creamy. I love to eat mine with a spoon (really adding to the ice-cream effect you know?). If you’re a person that prefers to drink smoothies, then by all means just add a bit more almond milk to your recipe & it will thin right down. Try it!

Now onto my most recent trip to the zoo. I have a niece that is the most hilarious thing, just look what we found her doing…Ever seen that episode of Friends where they’re in London & Joey has to go into the map? I’ve been known to do that a time or two but I didn’t think that the little ones had caught onto it! Sly little devils.As I was taking this picture of the tigers, I thought hmmm thats funny… all thats separating us from them is a chain link fence. Let me repeat that…A CHAIN LINK FENCE. What? Some one please esssplain this to me?All in all it was a great trip to the Hogle Zoo with most all of the grand kiddies. And no one was eaten… so lets call it a successful trip as well. I’ve got me a season pass over here so lets go! Its all happening at the zoo.


4 thoughts on “a smoothie & a trip to the zoo

    • A lot of people are wary of avocados, but they’re a superfood that contain good healthy fats & 20 vitamins & minerals! The 1/4 of avocado that this recipe calls for has give/take the same calories as 1/2 a frozen banana. This isn’t a smoothie I have everyday (because it seriously does taste like candy) but it’s still healthy. Nothing is wrong with a little bit of avocado. 🙂 Plus you can slice up the avocado freeze it so it won’t spoil if you don’t use it throughout the week.

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