Post Olympia

The Olympics are over. Now what am I going to do with my life? I watched every single primetime Olympic event, if not live, at least later on my DVR. I still watched even though nearly every event was spoiled for me before it aired. You couldn’t go on google, Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest for crying out loud without seeing a spoiler. Even still, the Olympics were amazing.

And what about Nathan Adrian? I talked about him before the Olympics began and how hopeful I was for him in these games. Umm… he definitley delivered for team USA. Good job Nathan, I knew you were destined for greatness. He’ll be on the Today Show tomorrow morning’ so look out! And… One Direction in the Closing Ceremonies? What? From the X Factor to Olympic performance? Crazy! Good thing I blogged about them so you’d all know who they were right? Am I right? 🙂

Someone on Twitter, but I can’t remember who, tweeted – funny that Adele wasn’t there, what if if she just showed up out of the blue, uninvited? haha I thought that was purty hilarious. I’m easily entertained. Best moment of the closing ceremonies? Spice Girls. Hands down. 

They all looked amazing & check out this awesome gif I found…

Doesn’t that look like so much fun?! If I had rockstar dreams, they would be about riding on the top of a car singing with my hair blowing in the wind. They showed some clips of the athletes during their performance and they weren’t even getting into it. I thought, you don’t deserve to be there. You may have won a gold medal in women’s soccer but, I win a gold medal for having a good time during a Spice Girls performance. After the ceremonies were over I think I went & listened to “Spice Up Your Life” at least five times. If you didn’t do that too, something must be wrong with you.


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