going to a movie by yourself

I have a bucket list. One thing that has been on that bucket list for quite some time is to go see a movie by myself. Last week… I finally did it! It’s one of those things to have on a bucket list that is totally attainable for most people, yet not so easy for me. It was on my bucket list in the first place because it was something that put me outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve always feared what people would think. I mean, when I’ve been at movies with friends and I’ve seen someone alone, I don’t think it’s “weird”, but I always look at them and try to decipher their story… are they here alone b/c they don’t have anyone to go with? do they prefer seeing movies alone? did they have a friend cancel on them? The list goes on and on.

Let me tell you, I actually didn’t mind going to the theater alone. Granted I went mid-week & mid-day, but hey I still deserve credit. The only times I felt the slightest bit self-conscious was when lights began to dim, the previews started to roll, & there I was… still sitting alone. I also felt a tad self-conscious walking out of the theater alone as everyone else was talking about the movie with the people they came with. However, once I stepped into the parking lot, I felt invigorated. Like, yeah… I totally just did that, totally just saw a movie by myself & I’m ok with it. I would even do it again. Triumph!

It was nice to not have to talk to anyone about the movie… the whole “so what’d you think” bit. I just thought about the movie on my drive home. It was wonderful. There’s also something nice about just picking up and going to a movie when it’s convenient for you. No making plans, no coordinating times with people… if there’s a movie you’d like to see just go!

So what movie did I see you ask? The Dark Knight Rises… it was super long, but super amazing. Mid-way through the film I was thinking… “ugh this is way too long, lets just cut to the chase, this is not as good as everyone has hyped it up to be.” Yeah, I thought that until the last 20-30 minutes of the movie & then my mind was blown! Ahhhhhh loved it.

So what do you think? Have you or would you ever go to the movies alone? Do share!


2 thoughts on “going to a movie by yourself

  1. Batman Begins was my first movie alone…and almost every one I’ve seen since has been alone…although the theater is my date location of choice.

  2. “The Terminal” (2004- Tom Hanks) was my 1st movie alone. I remembered I told my family about going to see it (and asking someone to join me) and everybody had plans (or my sister told me: “I go with you if you pay my ticket”) and I was: “Why should I pay your ticket just to sit next to me? It´s not like we are going to talk”. So I decided to go by myself.

    I remembered it was a Tuesday like 4pm (so the theater was empty) but I still felt weird for a while (before they turned off the lights). I really enjoyed the movie and felt more confident by going by myself (at my times and choices instead of adjusting to someone else´s times so they can join me).

    When I lived in Orlando on my free days I used to go to Downtown Disney Cinema by myself (if everyone else was working on that day). I saw “Princess and the Frog” and “New Moon” by myself. It was at night (which implies more people at the cinema) but I thought: “I am in a foreign country, I don´t know anybody and I won´t see anybody again”….

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