Neon Trees

This Friday Neon Trees played three small/intimate shows at Velour in Provo… & guess who was front & center for one of them? You got it…ME!!! It was me!!! & it was amazing. I took a gazillion pics on my iPhone & figured I’d put them up on the blog because I don’t know what else to do with them so enjoy!Neon Trees Tyler

Neon Trees Branden Campbell Neon Trees Velour Provo Neon Trees Tyler Glenn Neon Trees Velour ProvoNeon Trees Chris Allen Neon Trees Tyler Glenn Neon Trees Elaine Bradley Neon Trees Velour Elaine Bradley Drums Neon Trees Tyler & to get the full effect here’s a little video footage. If you’re not a fan of Neon Trees you should be!


imma pro at crastination

and the award for the world’s greatest procrastinator goes to……………MEEEEEEEEE!!!! just know that when I say I’m going to do something,  it usually means I’m going to do just the opposite. i’ve said a hundred times or more that I’m gonna get back on the blog train but then I put it off & do something more productive like stalk my twitter feed or pin on pinterest until it becomes necessary that I invest in a thimble.

so… I’m not going to say that I’m going to post very often… but I do have things I want to post about. i regularly get asked advice from people about what they should do on their disney vacation. where to eat, stay, & if I have any tips or tricks. & after 4 years of working for Disney I feel that I have some proper advice to give… so I figured I might as well channel it into my blog posts; you can be expecting many “disney tips” type posts. i can already envision the titles now… “what to do when you get pooped on by a bird at the happiest place on earth” “what to do when your iphone gets stolen” “how to be a nice guest” “how to make a cast member happy” “how to escort a boisterous inebriated man out of the hallway & back to his hotel room”

not all my posts will be sarcastic… some will actually be very helpful. ok most. BUT. i have so many hilarious Disney stories/experiences that I’ll just have to squeeze in there. if I don’t write them down somewhere I’ll forget them all!

so thats pretty much it for this post. this is a just a teaser… gotta give your audience a reason to keep coming back. leave em wanting more. that, & i’m procrastinating.