imma pro at crastination

and the award for the world’s greatest procrastinator goes to……………MEEEEEEEEE!!!! just know that when I say I’m going to do something,  it usually means I’m going to do just the opposite. i’ve said a hundred times or more that I’m gonna get back on the blog train but then I put it off & do something more productive like stalk my twitter feed or pin on pinterest until it becomes necessary that I invest in a thimble.

so… I’m not going to say that I’m going to post very often… but I do have things I want to post about. i regularly get asked advice from people about what they should do on their disney vacation. where to eat, stay, & if I have any tips or tricks. & after 4 years of working for Disney I feel that I have some proper advice to give… so I figured I might as well channel it into my blog posts; you can be expecting many “disney tips” type posts. i can already envision the titles now… “what to do when you get pooped on by a bird at the happiest place on earth” “what to do when your iphone gets stolen” “how to be a nice guest” “how to make a cast member happy” “how to escort a boisterous inebriated man out of the hallway & back to his hotel room”

not all my posts will be sarcastic… some will actually be very helpful. ok most. BUT. i have so many hilarious Disney stories/experiences that I’ll just have to squeeze in there. if I don’t write them down somewhere I’ll forget them all!

so thats pretty much it for this post. this is a just a teaser… gotta give your audience a reason to keep coming back. leave em wanting more. that, & i’m procrastinating.


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