imma pro at crastination

and the award for the world’s greatest procrastinator goes to……………MEEEEEEEEE!!!! just know that when I say I’m going to do something,  it usually means I’m going to do just the opposite. i’ve said a hundred times or more that I’m gonna get back on the blog train but then I put it off & do something more productive like stalk my twitter feed or pin on pinterest until it becomes necessary that I invest in a thimble.

so… I’m not going to say that I’m going to post very often… but I do have things I want to post about. i regularly get asked advice from people about what they should do on their disney vacation. where to eat, stay, & if I have any tips or tricks. & after 4 years of working for Disney I feel that I have some proper advice to give… so I figured I might as well channel it into my blog posts; you can be expecting many “disney tips” type posts. i can already envision the titles now… “what to do when you get pooped on by a bird at the happiest place on earth” “what to do when your iphone gets stolen” “how to be a nice guest” “how to make a cast member happy” “how to escort a boisterous inebriated man out of the hallway & back to his hotel room”

not all my posts will be sarcastic… some will actually be very helpful. ok most. BUT. i have so many hilarious Disney stories/experiences that I’ll just have to squeeze in there. if I don’t write them down somewhere I’ll forget them all!

so thats pretty much it for this post. this is a just a teaser… gotta give your audience a reason to keep coming back. leave em wanting more. that, & i’m procrastinating.


summa time & the livin’ is e.z.

There’s nothing quite like summer when your graduated and unemployed. Its great. Wonderful. Stupendous. Ok, lets get real here. It bites. I should be having the time of my life right? NO. Whenever I do something fun or exciting I am just plagued with guilt. Guilt that I should not be doing fun things. Guilt that I should be doing adult things like filling out thousands of job applications and doing re-writes of re-writes of resumes. But alas, I have done some fun things. So just know that I’ve avoided blogging because of guilt.

This is how a spent a wonderful July 1st, only one of the greatest calendar days of the year…Canada Day!!!!  bbq on the lake with family.

oh… and this also happened whilst at the lake. let it be known that mustaches + summertime= hot mess. Stache-tober and Movember are in the winter time for a reason people!

A few days later I suddenly I found myself in Kentucky visiting my sister… and wouldn’t you know it… Kentucky is home to the BEST ice cream I’ve ever tasted, consumed, or inhaled… Ginger 2 Snaps from The Comfy Cow. Seriously people you just don’t understand. My throat was burning from the amount of ginger and spice in this thing. Divinity. 

And Louisville as you would know it is quite beautiful, quaint, and southern.

One afternoon we’re sitting in my sisters apartment… 14 hrs later at approximately 5 am we arrived in Florida. I don’t even know how it happened. It would appear that Wheatley’s are genetically, magnetically, and physically attracted to all things Disney. Every time I blog about Disney I think it will be my last post for quite some time, but I always seem to prove myself wrong. I can’t put into words how much I love Disney World. If you’ve never been and you think that you’re just fine only going to Disneyland… boy are you ever wrong. After having worked at both parks/coasts I definitely have a strong opinion… and if you ever need a tour guide or vacation planner for your trip to WDW, I’m your gal!

We had a blast and of course ate only the most delicious foods that WDW has to offer. I also got to meet up with great friends and roommates! 

I told you… this is way more fun than an unemployed college grad should be having… but alas I’m back to the grindstone interviewing and all that jazz. But before I end… I had some crazy thoughts on the plane ride home. I sat and looked at clouds for an hour or more… and what did I take away from that experience? I realized I really love clouds. Like a lot. You should probably expect a blog post on clouds in the near future. They are severely underrated for their awesomeness.

Disneyland Trip Video Preview

Ok… and because I couldn’t wait any longer I made a mini video of some of the video taken on the trip. We had over 2,000 photos taken on the trip and hours of video so I’m going to put together a movie which I’m sure will take multiple days to organize and complete but heres a little snippet… sorry its not in HD… the final version will be!