going to a movie by yourself

I have a bucket list. One thing that has been on that bucket list for quite some time is to go see a movie by myself. Last week… I finally did it! It’s one of those things to have on a bucket list that is totally attainable for most people, yet not so easy for me. It was on my bucket list in the first place because it was something that put me outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve always feared what people would think. I mean, when I’ve been at movies with friends and I’ve seen someone alone, I don’t think it’s “weird”, but I always look at them and try to decipher their story… are they here alone b/c they don’t have anyone to go with? do they prefer seeing movies alone? did they have a friend cancel on them? The list goes on and on.

Let me tell you, I actually didn’t mind going to the theater alone. Granted I went mid-week & mid-day, but hey I still deserve credit. The only times I felt the slightest bit self-conscious was when lights began to dim, the previews started to roll, & there I was… still sitting alone. I also felt a tad self-conscious walking out of the theater alone as everyone else was talking about the movie with the people they came with. However, once I stepped into the parking lot, I felt invigorated. Like, yeah… I totally just did that, totally just saw a movie by myself & I’m ok with it. I would even do it again. Triumph!

It was nice to not have to talk to anyone about the movie… the whole “so what’d you think” bit. I just thought about the movie on my drive home. It was wonderful. There’s also something nice about just picking up and going to a movie when it’s convenient for you. No making plans, no coordinating times with people… if there’s a movie you’d like to see just go!

So what movie did I see you ask? The Dark Knight Rises… it was super long, but super amazing. Mid-way through the film I was thinking… “ugh this is way too long, lets just cut to the chase, this is not as good as everyone has hyped it up to be.” Yeah, I thought that until the last 20-30 minutes of the movie & then my mind was blown! Ahhhhhh loved it.

So what do you think? Have you or would you ever go to the movies alone? Do share!


Guilty Pleasure #13

Every year around this particular time (Christmas break) I go through my iCal and update exciting/upcoming events for the next year. What is always included? Movies!

Guilty Pleausure #13: Movie Trailers

It is an extremely sad day when Abby misses the previews at a movie… plus if you show up that late to a movie, that also means you’re totally going to get awful seats. Against two of Abby’s cardinal movie going rules. No. No.

The previews are the best part! I love rating them right off the bat. Its always great when I find a trailer to be completely horrendous/ridiculous and the person sitting next to me wants to see it. That’s a bad sign. Good movie taste is crucial.

So what trailers have convinced me enough to pay to see the real deal in 2012?

Then there are also the movies that haven’t released trailers yet… but I already KNOW I’ll be seeing

This new version of Les Miserables is torturing me… I have to wait a whole year for this baby to come out! They cast one of my favorite people ever to be Marius… Eddie Redmayne

And for kicks here’s a pic of The Hunger Games cast

If I ever had any doubts while reading this book, I now know I’m definitely on team Gale

Of course these aren’t the only movies I’m excited about for the upcoming year… many many more. 2012 is going to rock, and movie theaters are going to make a lot of money from me. I realize this post makes me sound like a total dweeb who pines on the internet waiting for new trailers to be released… but hey… that is why this post is called a guilty pleasure. I don’t cur. Yes. cur. gangsta word for care.

Love Story

Love Story. 1970. Starring Ali Mcgraw and Ryan O’neil. I love this movie.

Warning: It’s kinda sad. Ok… it is REALLY sad, but its oh so good. Can’t really say why I like it so much, however  I’m convinced that Ali Mcgraw and my mom were twins in the 70s. Its the perfect time of year to watch it… so do it.

And while your at it, if you’ve never seen What’s up Doc?  (also starring Ryan O’neil along with Barbara Streisand)… you’ve been missing out on one of the funniest movies ever made. I would even venture to say I would sacrifice some Christmas movies (GASP) or even take time out of studying for finals to watch either of these.

This is my last semester… should I really even care about doing well on finals? No. But do I? Yes. It’s in my blood. 14 classes left in my college career! This post doesn’t really have a purpose other than to confess my attraction to the 70s version of Ryan O’neil. Well there you have it, another lad to add to my inappropriate man crush list. What else is new? Keep em comin!