travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

I graduated in Geography… I do love me a good map/globe/brochure where I can discover all about a new place. I’ve seen some, but there’s a whole lot of world out there left for me to discover, taste, and experience for myself.

my travels thus far:

Salt Lake City UT (hometown… no brainer) Costa Rica, Florence Italy, Shanghai, New York, Nashville TN, Paris France, Orlando FL, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Boise ID, Belize, Oahu HA, Milan Italy,  Honduras, Grand Targhee Resort WY, London England, Cozumel Mexico, Toronto Canada, Las Vegas NV, Sun Valley ID, Rome Italy, Portland OR, Los Angeles CA, Venice Italy, China, Island Park ID, Madrid Spain, Israel, Hong Kong, Yellowstone, San Francisco CA, Louisville KY, Arches National Park UT, and Tijuana Mexico

travels to dream of:

India, Germany, Thailand, Chicago, South Carolina, Austria, come on… really… I’d like to go to everywhere


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