Neon Trees

This Friday Neon Trees played three small/intimate shows at Velour in Provo… & guess who was front & center for one of them? You got it…ME!!! It was me!!! & it was amazing. I took a gazillion pics on my iPhone & figured I’d put them up on the blog because I don’t know what else to do with them so enjoy!Neon Trees Tyler

Neon Trees Branden Campbell Neon Trees Velour Provo Neon Trees Tyler Glenn Neon Trees Velour ProvoNeon Trees Chris Allen Neon Trees Tyler Glenn Neon Trees Elaine Bradley Neon Trees Velour Elaine Bradley Drums Neon Trees Tyler & to get the full effect here’s a little video footage. If you’re not a fan of Neon Trees you should be!


imma pro at crastination

and the award for the world’s greatest procrastinator goes to……………MEEEEEEEEE!!!! just know that when I say I’m going to do something,  it usually means I’m going to do just the opposite. i’ve said a hundred times or more that I’m gonna get back on the blog train but then I put it off & do something more productive like stalk my twitter feed or pin on pinterest until it becomes necessary that I invest in a thimble.

so… I’m not going to say that I’m going to post very often… but I do have things I want to post about. i regularly get asked advice from people about what they should do on their disney vacation. where to eat, stay, & if I have any tips or tricks. & after 4 years of working for Disney I feel that I have some proper advice to give… so I figured I might as well channel it into my blog posts; you can be expecting many “disney tips” type posts. i can already envision the titles now… “what to do when you get pooped on by a bird at the happiest place on earth” “what to do when your iphone gets stolen” “how to be a nice guest” “how to make a cast member happy” “how to escort a boisterous inebriated man out of the hallway & back to his hotel room”

not all my posts will be sarcastic… some will actually be very helpful. ok most. BUT. i have so many hilarious Disney stories/experiences that I’ll just have to squeeze in there. if I don’t write them down somewhere I’ll forget them all!

so thats pretty much it for this post. this is a just a teaser… gotta give your audience a reason to keep coming back. leave em wanting more. that, & i’m procrastinating.

first world problems

FWP. 1st world problems. Hilarious things we complain about, that are really quite ridiculous in the grand scheme of things & we have no right to be so whiny. FWP has been quite the trend as of late but it’s almost out the door… maybe If I had blogged at all during the summer or fall it might’ve been more relevant. BUT. I wanted to squeeze this post in before it is completely old news.

common FWP’s that we have absolutely whatsoever no right to complain about:

  1. pulling the blankets up & punching yourself in the face
  2. when you don’t know how to use your mac
  3. when you step in gum
  4. bad hair day
  5. when someone tags you in an unflattering photo on FB
  6. you can’t find a matching lid for your tupperware
  7. hotel beds that are hard to get into/sleep in because the sheets are tucked-in on an extreme Olympic level
  8. FB forced you to change over to timeline
  9. your cell phone battery is running low
  10. you didn’t get any money from your tax return
  11. when you have to wait a whole week for the next episode of your fav TV show
  12. they forgot to put the fries in the bag at the drive-through
  13. no free wifi
  14. the freezer made your ice cream too hard to scoop
  15. you have to share a bathroom with your brother
  16. when your pb&j gets smushed in your bag
  17. if the sound of lawn mowers or garbage trucks wakes you up in the morning
  18. when your chewing gum disintegrates in your mouth
  19. when it takes forever for your car to heat up in the winter
  20. if your hand doesn’t fit in the pringles can
  21. if you only got two likes on your instagram pic
  22. when it takes forever for the elevator doors to close
  23. when your yogurt cup tips over b/c your spoon is too heavy
  24. if you opened a birthday card & there was no $ in it
  25. when your car doesn’t have an ipod hookup
  26. when you have to drink hot water b/c you left your water bottle in the car
  27. when you’re reading a book but you can only picture the actors who played the characters in the movie
  28. you don’t have set plans for the weekend
  29. when you can’t hear the TV over the vacuum or blender
  30. your computer got a virus
  31. you left your cell phone at home
  32. they only accept cash
  33. when your microwave keeps beeping until it’s opened
  34. you wanna text someone back but you keep getting green lights
  35. they only serve pepsi products
  36. you ate too much & developed a food baby
  37. you forgot to put deodorant on today
  38. you don’t have tivo
  39. when you forget about your clothes in the washer & they start to smell
  40. I said no pickles & they still gave me pickles
  41. when your roommate/mom cleaned up all your stuff & now you don’t know where any of it is
  42. you take an awesome pic, but it ends up being blurry
  43. nobody threw you a surprise party this year
  44. ruining your nail polish before it dries
  45. when you have to wait for a video to buffer
  46. when you can’t remember all the passwords you have for all your online accounts so you have to reset them
  47. when Santa doesn’t bring you what you asked for
  48. when glitter gets everywhere
  49. I want to workout, but I don’t want to shower again
  50. the wait to be seated at the Cheesecake Factory is 1hr

While I’ll be it, FWP is a hilarious trend… I’m positive you’ve all complained about most of the things on this list… for real! I know I have. So how about we all work towards being less whiny & more grateful, especially during the holidays. Over the summer I did quite a bit of reading… & one book I’d highly recommend is this one.

What inspired me to pick this up off the shelf at the library? Have you met me? One thing I’ve observed about myself is that, at times… ok most of the time, I am a pathological whiner. When I saw this book, it was practically beaming at me in neon lights “open me madame complainer!” Lately I’ve tried to tone down my sarcastic tendencies, but trust me people, I’ve still got a long way to go. I’ve gotten this book from the library twice & even want to purchase it because I actually validate it as a book worth owning. Check it out. Literally. From your library. Or if you have a madame/monsieur complainer in your life… this could make a great Christmas gift! Nothing quite says happy holidays like a slap in the face wake-up call… stop whining!